NetTester: Interactive

When Performance Counts

We recognise the need to seamlessly and effectively demonstrate new technologies to stakeholders in high-profile and high-risk situations.  So we fill that need.

NetTester: Interactive provides our customers with the ability to seamlessly demonstrate technology in high-profile and high-risk situations such as media events, product launches, AGMs, sales presentations, and investor briefings.

NetTester: Interactive is a bespoke service that removes the risk of failure in complex technology demonstrations and provides the confidence and credibility associated with being able to conduct real time demonstrations to prove technologies and performance.

Proof of Performance

High-profile and high-risk product demonstrations require specialised experience to ensure they are successful.  We understand that these are “no excuses, no second chances” environments and we have the skills and experience to deliver a successful outcome.

Complex demonstrations also require a specialised design approach so that they both meet the goals of the organisation and clearly communicate the benefits of the technology to the target audience.  NetTester: Interactive allows the audience to fully engage in the technology on offer and provides more credible evidence and proof of capabilities than a simulation or static presentation.  Audiences have the ability to see the technology in action, creating a dynamic and memorable experience.

NetTester: Interactive Delivers

Engage Audiences
High-performing presentations in real-time allow the audience to fully engage in the technology on offer and interact with the technology, creating a dynamic and memorable experience.

Provides Credibility
Removes the doubt often associated with anecdotal or data-evidence-based presentations and simulations.  Provides stakeholders with data of real-time performance that can be used to make informed decisions.

Reduces Risk
An experienced development team and seamless implementation removes the risks of failure.  Outsourcing technical presentations to professionals who understand the importance of performance removes the risks associated with execution errors.

Stakeholder Buy-In
Dynamic, real-time presentations help facilitate the impact, education and implementation of new products and services.

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Interactive Connected Home Visualisation/ Demonstration


Our client wanted to showcase the benefits of a market-leading high-speed home broadband product to the media at the product launch.

By providing a dynamic demonstration of the technology, the Connected Home interactive solution was successfully used to demonstrate the benefits of high-speed broadband to the media.  read more

Case Study 2: Network Performance Comparison


Our client wanted to show business customers how the performance of its mobile data network eclipsed that of the competitors networks.

We developed an effective solution that provided a dynamic, real-time demonstration of the superior performance of our clients network.  This provided proof of performance to potential customers and enabled our client to drive sales and increase new connections.  read more

Case Study 3: Network Speed Demonstrations / Visualisations


Our client wanted to showcase the benefits of a world-leading high-speed mobile broadband product to the media at a product launch.

We developed a solution that successfully demonstrated to the media the capability of the technology and the forward leap it represented.  The demonstration facilitated a successful launch which received significant positive press.  read more


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