Network Performance Comparison

The Brief

Our client wanted to show business customers how the performance of its mobile data network eclipsed that of the competitors networks.

The Solution

We developed a solution that centred on a direct, real-time, comparison of operators presented in a mobile demonstration booth.

The demonstration performed a number of common tasks in parallel on multiple networks simultaneously to demonstrate network superiority.

In this way our client was able to show the data performance of three networks concurrently, using three separate wireless broadband modems on a single PC.

The demonstration was able to show, in real-time, the throughput achieved while downloading a file as well as the time taken to download web pages.

The demonstration displayed charts to emphasise the difference in performance between the networks.  This live data was backed up by charts that collated and presented daily stats to show that over the course of the day, their network continued to outperform the competition.

The software we developed to produce the demonstration involved building a custom web browser that could support loading and displaying multiple websites over different networks simultaneously.  The solution also included a statistics engine and a centralised results reporting capability.

The Outcome

The speed comparison solution was deployed into business-focused stores and then later to high profile locations such as airports and shopping centres.

Customers found the demonstration visually engaging and it was able to successfully attract the attention of pedestrian traffic in the deployed locations and often drew a crowd.

Due to the success of the solution, five demonstration booths were commissioned and deployed into the field.

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