Network Speed

The Brief

Our client wanted to showcase the benefits of a world leading high speed mobile broadband product to the media at a product launch.

At the time, standard methods for downloading content did not push wireless network to their fullest capability and the operator was unable to show the media the peak network performance of the new network and devices coming to market.

The Solution

We developed an approach that demonstrated the improved customer experience by directly and dynamically comparing the existing and new technology.

The demonstration showed a movie downloading simultaneously on two different systems (the existing and new technologies) making a compelling and obvious comparison in relative download time.

We implemented sophisticated content download techniques to allow the transfer of files at the peak wireless network throughput.  A custom-designed, large-format dial was presented to indicate download speed along with a progress bar to add to the impact of the new technology vs the old.  At the culmination of the download, the movie content, which was in fact a promotional video for the new network, was played.

The Outcome

The solution was able to successfully demonstrate to the media the capability of the technology and the forward leap it represented.  The demonstration facilitated a successful launch which received significant positive press.

In addition, as the demonstration was so successful, our client has continued to use the same demonstration platform for future technology demonstrations.

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