Interactive Connected Home Visualisation

The Brief

Our client wanted to showcase the benefits of a market leading high speed home broadband product to the media at the product launch.

The goal of the demonstration was to show how multiple household members could each use high bandwidth applications on the same broadband connection at the same time.

The Solution

We identified that the existing demonstration solutions were too generic and did not specifically target the benefits of a high speed broadband connection.

We developed a demonstration that centered around a house map with the ability to drag different applications and content into different rooms and have the application (i.e. movie, music, game, or file) be downloaded in real time.

Showing that the files were actually downloaded added a level of credibility to the demonstration that reinforced the capability of the product.

To add impact to the demonstration the downloaded movies and music were played in each room on completion – this was controlled by the presenter in real time by hovering the mouse over the selected room. The content could be shown within each room or shown full screen to demonstrate the quality of the footage.

The Outcome

By providing a dynamic demonstration of the technology, the Connected Home interactive solution was successfully used to demonstrate the benefits of high speed broadband to the media.

The approach clearly demonstrated how the high bandwidth of the Connected Home solution was a benefit by showing the bandwidth required in each room of the house as the content was downloaded as well as an overall household bandwidth requirement.

The demonstration allowed people to understand the need for a single high speed broadband service to the home that could then be shared among the users.

Due to the success of the media launch, a retail version of the demonstration was rolled out to flagship retail stores allowing new customers to see first hand the benefits of high speed home broadband.  As a result, hundreds of store visitors were able to interact with the Connected Home solution and learn about the benefits of the new broadband product and the level of improvement they would experience.

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