Customised Software Solutions

The technology revolution continues to move at a rapid pace, while demand on companies to be agile and innovative continues to grow. Our team of expert engineers understand these challenges and are at the forefront of new technologies to deliver solutions that meet current and future needs. Leveraging our experience in embedded systems and deep understanding of linux, we work side by side with our clients to develop solutions that can be applied across multiple technology platforms to:

  • assist to reduce complexity,
  • help drive efficiencies, and;
  • provide seamless integration into existing systems.

Network Test and Measure

Understanding both network performance and holistic consumer experience is vital to achieving competitive advantage in todays telecommunications industry. With over 10 years experience in partnering with Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, we have a developed a deep understanding of the industry, emerging trends and challenges.Our experts are consistently called upon to test and measure new and existing technologies to provide our clients with confidence around their network performance.

With proven network tools currently in the market we have developed tools that can be configured and integrated into existing systems.

Process and Workflow Automation

Even though we are embracing the digital age, adherence to existing paper compliance and processes continues to be arduous. Paper-based processes present a myriad of challenges such as:

  • management and storage of large numbers of files/photos,
  • lag in real time data and lack of transparency to management
  • limited data sharing and communication between field service staff, and;
  • difficulty in data recovery just to name of few.

These processes are inefficient and cause an unnecessary drain on costs, as well as time-poor resources. At Mill Software we believe technology can deliver better commercial outcomes through  processes  automation and workflow management tools.

Managed Services

IT systems and assets are integral to the efficient and effective running of everyday business. Knowing these are fully optimised and delivering the greatest business outcomes allows  you to confidently focus on growing your business without the distraction of major IT issues.

Our team of local experts can assist to manage, test and maintain assets.

Our services:

  • Help desk
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Infrastructure maintenance

System Integration

Business needs are constantly changing. In order to meet these needs new software and hardware is continually evolving and being adopted. These systems are typically sourced from a variety of vendors, are designed to work standalone and not integrated due to their complexity, therefore not fully optimising capability.

Leveraging our teams experience in integrating bespoke solutions with large corporates we can assist to deliver synergies in system integration and the cost benefits that come along with theses synergies.

Cloud and Enterprise Platforms

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