Embedded Systems & Linux

We use our expertise in Embedded Systems & Linux to work with established corporate clients and clients with emerging technologies in the development of:

  • Consumer Products, Devices & Technologies
  • Business Tools, Information Systems & Reporting
  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • New Product/Device Development
  • New Technology Development & Hardware Integration
  • Product Updates & Enhancements

When we work with clients on a project, Mill Software takes responsibility for the planning, development and delivery of the software engineering for the project.

We apply our expertise to guide and develop the most appropriate outcome for our client, meeting agreed development guidelines, budgets, and design parameters.

Our expertise involves both the development of the pure embedded software elements for devices and the development of combined hardware and software platforms to address specific project requirements.

This means that while we are comfortable working within the parameters of existing technology, we also assist clients to source and develop appropriate hardware that is necessary to successfully complete the solution.

To discuss your requirements or arrange an initial meeting, please contact Mill Software on 1300 711 150 or clientservices@millsoftware.com.au

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