NetTester: Web

Data-rich Network Performance Testing

We recognised the need for a web-based speed-testing tool for fixed and mobile networks that would support ultra-high speeds and provide highly accurate and reliable results suitable for engineering use.  So we developed it.

NetTester: Web has been developed to provide a powerful and convenient solution to accurately measure the performance of data networks.

NetTester: Web enables engineering and technical staff to accurately measure network throughput to assist with benchmarking, network commissioning, and improving the customer experience.

Convenient, Accurate, Fast Results

Network operators are under increasing pressure to improve the performance of their networks.  Integral to staying ahead is the ability to access accurate and reliable results that can be used to make key decisions regarding the network.

Diagnostic engineering tools are expensive and can be difficult to use, while existing web based solutions do not support the accuracy and higher speeds necessary for today’s operators and their customers.

Customers judge the performance of their network provider by the speed and reliability of their connection.  It is critical for network engineers and field technicians to be able to access high quality data easily to allow them to make accurate decisions regarding the network.

NetTester: Web is an easy-to-use web-based network speed testing solution that is configurable and designed for use on high-speed networks.  It utilises native test-engine capabilities to optimise performance and accuracy, and can support continuous testing and a range of protocols.

Web Deliveries

Accurate Speed Test Data

Allows engineering and technical staff to conveniently obtain accurate and reliable performance data when testing fixed and wireless networks.

NetTester: Web is used extensively by an operator rolling out a 4G network, with thousands of tests being performed monthly on newly installed sites, gating the acceptance of performance for data services.

Target Technical Call Outs

Quickly identifies network faults, errors in configuration, and capacity bottlenecks resulting in faster response to faults and improved network performance.

Easy To Integrate & Deploy

Compatible with Microsoft Windows and a range of browsers, NetTester: Web is configurable and easily integrates into network provider’s existing systems.  An intuitive user-interface facilitates deployment and use throughout the organisation.

Intelligent Data

Supports a range of capabilities such as layer 3 and layer 2 testing, IPv4, IPv6 and NAT64 testing, allowing network providers to explore the full potential of assets.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

NetTester: Web enables asset owners to improve network performance which, in-turn, will improve customer satisfaction ratings.

Product Specifications

Operating Systems and Browsers

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

Test Capabilities

  • Carrier-grade measurement for fixed and wireless networks
  • Configurable test endpoints
  • Configurable test duration and test types
  • Configurable number of TCP test streams
  • HTTP or FTP throughout testing
  • ICMP or HTTP latency testing
  • Native test-engine for accurate performance measurement
  • Layer 2 or Layer 3 protocol measurement selection
  • IPv4, IPv6 and NAT64 support
  • Test logging

Centralised Configuration and Authorisation

  • Centralised results reporting
  • Configurable authorisation mechanisms
  • Control of user access to advanced features
  • Test server network congestion management
  • Test client authentication by test server


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