NetTester: Warrior Probe

Improving the Customer Experience

Mobile operators need a way to accurately measure the performance of their cellular networks and the quality of the customer experience.  NetTester: Warrior Probe has been designed to achieve this goal.

NetTester: Warrior Probe is a distributed and autonomous, active probe-based solution developed to provide a way to efficiently measure end-to-end performance of wireless networks and then collate performance data throughout the network to determine the customer experience.

Through the early detection of network faults and performance degradation, NetTester: Warrior Probe increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn.

Network performance monitoring

Network feature roll-out requires long-term performance monitoring to gauge the impact on the customer experience; however, traditional methods of measurement across a large geographic area are either too costly or not statistically significant.

NetTester: Warrior Probe is an end-to-end, automated, wireless monitoring solution that measures a range of data and radio metrics from an end-user perspective to increase operator visibility of the customer’s service quality.

The carrier-grade solution enables correlation of performance data with radio metrics and network events to identify systemic network faults, feature roll-out impacts, and network capacity trends.

NetTester: Warrior Probe increases customer satisfaction through the proactive identification of faults, by allowing operators to respond to degradation in network performance that would otherwise remain undetected.

NetTester: Warrior Probe Benefits

Improves the Customer Experience

Monitors the customer experience cost effectively and comprehensively across the entire network footprint.  Centralises data for analysis and reporting, and secures customer loyalty through quality of service and responsive network operations.

Competitive Advantage

Measures end-to-end performance and an extended range of wireless environment parameters, benchmarking data to demonstrate the impact of changes on the network.  Allows mobile operators to roll out features with confidence and be first to market with new network capabilities.

Cost Savings

Reduces operating expenses by automating remote testing and removing staff infield performance monitoring.  Reporting of performance and customer experience across the network provides visibility to business units, enabling customer interactions to be adjusted as necessary.

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