NetTester: Defender Probe

Measuring your customers’ experience, network wide.

We recognised a need in the telecommunications arena for a scalable product that enabled network wide testing of the customer experience. So we created it.

NetTester has been developed to test the capabilities of the National Broadband Network and is totally unique to the market. NetTester is a cost effective solution to be used across the network to test end-to-end performance, enabling more network to be tested for less.

NetTester:Defender Probe at a Glance.

  • Developed to meet the requirements of triple play access providers
  • Differentiated services support
  • Works across fibre, satellite and wireless networks
  • Has fully integrated reporting and analysis tools
  • Can manage network performance with congestion alarms
  • A market-proven solution
  • Cost effective for network-wide deployment
  • Allows for integration with other systems
  • Able to be customised to a Telco’s needs
  • Designed specifically for distributed testing of telecommunication networks
  • Test triple play services including VoIP and IPTV

The applications for NetTester:Probe are equally impressive. The software provides network-wide performance monitoring, and can alert you to any network congestion. NetTester:Probe also allows you to qualify access networks and is designed to test triple play services including VoIP and IPTV.

NetTester:Probe is supported by Mill Software and our partners. Clients enjoy our full compliment of available services, including local help desk, technical, engineering and operational support, and the ability to provide a full turnkey managed service capability.


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