NetTester: Mobile

Enriched network performance testing

We recognised the need for a better mobile-based speed-testing tool for cellular and WiFi networks that would support higher speeds and provide highly accurate and reliable results suitable for engineering use.  So we developed it.

NetTester: Mobile has been developed to provide a powerful and convenient tool to enable engineering and technical staff to accurately measure wireless data performance, while enriching results with signal measurements and detailed cellular and WiFi network information.

Convenient, Accurate, Enriched Results

Telcos are under increasing pressure to improve the performance of their networks.  Integral to staying ahead is the ability to access accurate and reliable results that can be used to make key decisions regarding the network.

Diagnostic engineering tools are expensive and can be difficult to use, and existing smartphone based solutions do not support the higher speeds or the integration of air interface measurements.

Customers judge the performance of their network provider by the speed and reliability of their connection.  It is critical for network engineers and field technicians to be able to measure wireless data performance easily to allow them to make accurate decisions regarding the network.

NetTester: Mobile is an easy-to-use smartphone-based network speed test solution that is configurable, integrates measurement of the air interface and detailed cellular or WiFi network data, and is designed for use on high speed networks.  It utilises native test-engine capabilities to optimise performance and accuracy, and can support continuous testing and a range of protocols.

NetTester: Mobile Delivers

Accurate Measurement of High Speed Networks

Allows engineering and technical staff to conveniently access accurate and reliable data that they can then use to effectively manage fixed and mobile networks.  Supports a range of capabilities like continuous test mode and various test protocols and parameters to allow network providers to diagnose network faults.

Cost Effective and Easy to Deploy

Compatible with leading modern Android smartphones, NetTester: Mobile can be deployed on off-the-shelf devices.

Integrated Cellular and WiFi Signal Measurement and Network Data

Understand the radio environment for tests being conducted in real-time before and during tests.  NetTester: Mobile incorporates real-time signal measurements with additional cell configuration and deployment topology retrieved from operational databases, displayed and recorded with test results.

Centralised and Configurable

NetTester: Mobile provides a centralised user management and configuration capability, allowing more advanced features to be made available to select groups of users.

Performance tests are configurable, allowing fine-tuning of tests to zero in on network faults

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