NetTester: Insite

Deploying Cellular and Wi-Fi networks faster

We recognised the need for a tool that would accelerate the commissioning of wireless networks and reduce the costs associated with faults and site revisits.  So we built it.

NetTester: Insite significantly reduces commissioning time and cost, improves efficiency, and reduces error rates by guiding field staff through the commissioning process and providing integrated and intelligent testing tools.

NetTester: Insite provides detailed management reporting and real-time commissioning status allowing effective management decision-making and facilitating improved roll out times.

Eliminate the guesswork.

Wireless operators are under pressure to be first to market with the latest generation cellular and Wi-Fi technology and to reduce the cost of network deployment.

NetTester: Insite is an easy to use smartphone solution that combines a mobile field service management capability with sophisticated radio test functions.

The solution automates the commissioning and verification of wireless infrastructure by guiding field technicians through a step-by-step process that includes:

  • Documentation & Data Entry
  • Photo Capture
  • Process Checklist

As an integrated part of the process, NetTester: Insite enables the field technician to accurately audit the site by completing performance tests including:

  • Network Performance Tests
  • Voice Tests
  • Handover Tests
  • Wi-Fi Tests

Data is tracked and reported in real time to allow managers to make tactical decisions, monitor contractor performance, and manage the network deployment more effectively.

NetTester: Insite Delivers

Enables Faster Deployment

Guides field staff through the tasks required to audit the site faster and more accurately, resulting in faster network deployment.

Reduces OPEX

Reduces the primary cost of commissioning wireless networks.  Automation of the commissioning process improves workforce efficiency, reduces the site failure rate and need for revisits, and eliminates costly double handling of information.

Identifies Defects Faster

Steps field staff through the commissioning process by integrating advanced mobile test capabilities to identify site construction defects faster and more accurately.

Improves Decision Making

Accurate and up-to-date roll-out information enables Managers to make informed and tactical decisions optimising the deployment and performance of contractors.

Monitors Contractor Performance

Data is tracked and reported in real-time enabling Managers to monitor contractor performance and ensure that service level and quality assurance agreements are being met.

Achieve Targets

Improved efficiency delivers projects on time and budget.  Accurate and real-time reporting provides visibility for all stakeholders and allows effective management.

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